Songs of the Week 231: September 1 – September 7

tones and i#5. Tones And I – Dance Monkey

Fantastic video and fantastically catchy. Love the raspy, unique vocals.

yellow shoots#4. Yellow Shoots – Everything

Back to back weeks of Yellow Shoots, who has been dominating my playlist with his offbeat, eccentric electro jams.

vandelux#3. Vandelux – Know Some

Deep house club vibes, and a track that is just begging to be remixed to oblivion.

lover#2. Lover – Starving

Lover is very quickly becoming one of my favorite up and coming artists, with his unique sound and clever, saccharine sounds making for some perfect loungin-around-the-house music.

unlike pluto#1. Unlike Pluto – Everything About Nothing

Unlike Pluto puts out too much music for me to keep up with (which really says something, as I listen to an absurd amount of music every day). Everything About NothingĀ has been at or near the top of my rotation for a few weeks now (yes, we are currently working through a backlog).

Songs of the Week 230: August 25 – August 31

yellow shoots#5. Yellow Shoots – Possessed

If you like eclectic music, you’ll most def dig this.

cards#4. Cards Feat. Sita – Shouldn’t be Sorry

Cards beings us some painfully feel-good music that’ll be stuck with you well after your first listen.

keelan mak#3. Keelan Mak – Warm Blooded

With a voice like this, I’m genuinely surprised Keelan Mak isn’t a bigger deal than he. Or maybe he’s a big deal and I’m just dumb. Hard to tell really.

harry marshall#2. Harry Marshall – Mountain

Harry Marshall channelling his inner Dermott Kennedy here on a fantastic single.

cautious clay#1. Cautious Clay – Swim Home

This 13 Reasons Why soundtrack is just blowing up my Spotify. When there’s quality like this though, I’m ok with it. Brilliant chorus.