Songs of the Week 264: April 26 – May 2

jeremy zucker#5. Jeremy Zucker – Not Ur Friend

Jeremy Zucker and lauv should be best friends.

wiz khalifa#4. Wiz Khalifa Feat. Quavo – Out In Space

Another hip hop track that feels a bit different than everything else being made these days. Those outer space vibes in the beat are legit.

buck slenderly#3. Buck Slenderly – Memories

Something sneaky good about Memories.

young & sick - pineapple#2. Young & Sick – Pineapple Hill

I’m always game for some new Young & Sick. Demo Club overall is a really nice listen.

pangeaux - clockwork#1. Pangeaux & E The Profit – Clockwork

The flow on this track is sick. Pangeaux is quickly becoming one of my favorite new hip hop artists.

Songs of the Week 197: January 6 – January 12

jerry folk#5. Jerry Folk – Joey

Some super slick beats & production for Jerry Folk, giving a twist to Joey Bada$$’s Land of the Free.

dd walker#4. DD Walker – Psychic Twin

DD Walker channeling his inner Phil Collins here on Psychic Twin.

the dream#3. The-Dream – Runaway Sex

Another one of my guilty pleasures. The-Dream released a mammoth triple-mix tape recently. Most of it was “meh” for me, but Runaway Sex caught my attention.

savi minds#2. Savi Minds – Lazy

This track’s opening minute is straight up amazing. Everything down to the subtle laughing in the background is perfect.

young & sick#1. Young & Sick – Bitter End

Young & Sick is back with another trippy dance pop track. And once again, it’s delicious.