Songs of the Week 270: June 7 – June 13

nilo blues#5. Nilo Blues – She Like It

I don’t feel like I should like this track, but yet here we are. There’s some real goodness in that the post-chorus hook, and you can really hear the Drake influences.

innr circle#4. Innr Circle – Waves

Discovery of last week who I think is going to go onto big things. Got a really cool sound, and while the song itself is not blowing my mind I am so into the potential.

zhao#3. Zhao Feat. Annabelle Marginnis & Def Sound & Tolliver – Recollection

I kinda feel like Zhao is a sneaky music mastermind. His tracks are so unique and quirky, yet incredibly accessible.

be no rain#2. Be No Rain – All Night, Right?

I am so so so into this song and I don’t know why. There’s something about it that tickles my ears in a very nice way.

dornik-hangon#1. Dornik Feat. Skripture – Hang On

The last of the Dornik train, which makes me kinda sad. Another top quality track from Limboland. Dude is too good at music.

Songs of the Week 203: February 17 – February 23

leo kalyan#5. Leo Kalyan – Trevi Fountain

Leo just doing Leo things… making groovy RnB tunes.

zhao#4. Zhao – Feeling Today

Made the list for many reasons, but honestly would have made it for the drop at 0:50 alone. Very smooth.

dj kenzo#3. DJ Kenzo Feat. Don Quez & Steve Spiffler – Zeze Freestyle // //

Taking advantage of an already iconic (?) beat from Kodak Black, ZeZe Freestyle is catchy as can be. I’m kinda partial to the Steve Spiffler verse and his “I don’t give a shit” style of delivery.

ts graye#2. TS Graye – Honestly

This week we have a tie for top spot… so while it says #2 I really couldn’t choose between em (and went alphabetically). Super into the enchanting Honestly.

sidders#1. Sidders – Ameroux

A very rare double hip-hop week! This one takes a bit to warm to, but I’ve had the chorus stick with me for a few weeks now.