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My top 10 most loved songs since the inception of this blog. Scientifically driven with points and stuff. Totally not made up on the spot at all. Updated at random.

Last Updated: September 30 2016

#10. The Weeknd – Starboy

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts:  Ya it may be commercial more commercial than his earlier stuff, but it’s still smooth as fuck.

Blog Post: Week 81

#9. Her – Neighborhood

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts:  A common theme in my top 10 will be “singable”. Neighborhood has got some mad singablable verses.

Blog Post: Week 154

#8. Blajk – Lethal

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: The subtle guitar lick just kills me. So good. And did I say I like singable songs…?

Blog Post: Week 76

#7. Allan Rayman – Graceland

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts:  I had soured on Allan Rayman a bit after a really bad show (not his fault – sound quality at the venue was horrendous). That said, everytime Graceland pops up on my playlist I’m reminded how goddamn brilliant this track is.

Blog Post: Week 3

#6. San E & Mad Clown – Butterfly

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: 2018 was the year I got into K-pop (and J-pop I guess). While Exo may have been my gateway drug, Butterfly by Mad Clown & San E is my vice.

Blog Post: Week 159

#5. Mesita – Yr Eyes

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: There are easily five or six Mesita songs that could legitimately make my top 10 list. I struggled to choose just one (which only felt fair). I went with my most recent obsession. He’s got this amazing ability to combine catchy with just enough weird to make some brilliant music.

Blog Post: Week 166

#4. Drake – Nice For What

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: Probably my favorite Drake track ever. When it came out I’m pretty sure I listened to almost nothing else for a solid 3 days.

Post: Week 158

#3. Tyga Feat. Offset – Taste

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: The guilty pleasure track on this top 10. I have an unnatural love for Taste. I really don’t know what it is, but I’m all in.

Post: Week 167

#2. Fairchild – So Long And Thank You

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: I don’t know how these guys aren’t bigger yet. They make hit after hit. I remember when So Long And Thank You came out, I thought to myself “there’s no way this will be as good as their previous three tracks I’d fallen in love with earlier that year”… and then it just blew them out of the water.

Post: Week 118

#1. S.G. Lewis Feat. AlunaGeorge – Hurting

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: I rate all my music. It’s not often I give out 10 stars. Of the roughly 4,500 songs in my playlist (which I clean up and add to/delete daily), there are just 8 tracks with a 10. The only addition I have made in the last year to that prestigious club is Hurting. Oddly enough, I wasn’t even a huge fan when after the first listen… but it’s only grown on my by the week and now I cannot get enough. Something about the prog-house-sounding hook into the chorus draws me in. And that ending with the heavily synthesized vocals… oof. So good. Wish it had been the true chorus, but I can live with it just at the end. I guess.

Blog Post: Week 178

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