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My top 10 most loved songs since the inception of this blog. Scientifically driven with points and stuff. Totally not made up on the spot at all. Updated at random (but usually once a week).

Last Updated: March 21 2016

#10. Shy Girls – Without

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts:  I always find myself coming back to this track when I’m in the mood for a good sensual jam.

Blog Post: Week 46

#9. Joe Hertz Feat. Amber-Simone – Stay Lost

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: That guitar lick gets me every single time. The smooth vocals from both Joe and Amber-Simone make sure I hit play once again.

Blog Post: Week 51

#8. Fono Feat. Anna Straker – Everybody Knows

Previously: #10

Thoughts:  Groovy stuff from Fono has had me busting a move since it first graced my ears.

Blog Post: Week 36

#7. Flume Feat. George Maple – That Look

Previously: #5

Thoughts: The one and only song that I’ve broken all my posting rules for (the rule being that the song must have a Soundcloud or YouTube link). If this track is anything to go by, the new Flume material will be hot fire.

Blog Post: Week 41

#6. SevnthWonder Feat. Deverano – Maria I’m Drunk (Travi$ Scott Remix)

Previously: #9

Thoughts: To say this song has grown on me since I first heard it would be an understatement. The sweet, baby-makin vibes are addictive.

Blog Post: Week 42

#5. Beirut – Perth

Previously: #8

Thoughts: Music video alone put this on the top 10 list. Catchiest of the catchy beats will have it living here for a while I’d imagine.

Post: Week 45

#4. ROMES – Tryna Be

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: Potential winner of both Song of the Year and catchiest song of the year. A definite “head bobber” of a track.

Post: Week 52

#3. Aces – Find Me Out

Previously: #2

Thoughts: The song that inspired me to start writing about music again.

Post: Week 1

#2. Dusky – Skin Deep

Previously: #1

Thoughts: This one may not be for everyone, which I would understand. But frankly, I don’t give a shit. I find that a lot of electronic music get’s shunned upon simply because it’s electronic. I love the steady progression in Dusky’s Skin Deep. The layers that are added on throughout the song build up into a grooving prog house track that is so so awesome.

Blog Post: Week 15

#1. James Blake – Modern Soul

Previously: Not Rated

Thoughts: Finally – someone other than Aces or Dusky occupy the spot for my favourite song. It’s been a while, but if there was someone to do it it’d be James Blake. Modern Soul is one of those tracks that’s gotten better with every consecutive listen. I really hope this is just the beginning of an onslaught of new James Blake stuff.

Blog Post: Week 47

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