Songs of the Week 127: August 20 – August 26

the beaches#5. The Beaches – Money

Starts off with some The Strokes inspired pulsing guitar, and finishes off as a grimey, girl rocker jam.

it's different#4. Justin Bieber x Drama B – Friends (It’s Different Remix) //

The new Biebs track is sure to be clogging up the radio-waves soon (if it hasn’t already). Not gonna lie, I’m diggin it. However, I am also really into the slight spin that It’s Different put on the track. Takes it a bit more dance and a bit less pop.

miller blue#3. Miller Blue – Pieces

Could definitely have mistaken this on first listen for Chet Faker (well, now I guess we gotta call him Nick Murphy). Sensual, with just enough trap to give it a unique feel.

jinco#2. Jinco & ADGRMS Feat. Burnheart – My Girl //

It’s not often you get a country & dubstep/trap crossover track. That’s what we got here though, and surprisingly it works. In fact, I’d really love to see country do more crossovers with other genres (and this comes from a someone who really doesn’t like country at all).

braille face#1. Braille Face – Run For Your Life

Was really torn between this track and Because (another from Braille Face). Went with the one where Braille Face channels their inner Radiohead.